Monday, August 10, 2015

For the Love of Stamps-I am in UPPERCASE Magazine!

I love this magazine
and I love stamps
 I just had to submit an article for the stamp/lace issue.
And it was accepted!
I talk about my mom and her love of stamps.
"I adore the ethereal quality of stamps.  The fact that they have traveled around the block or around the world gives me pause and sometimes goosebumps.  They are small exquisite gifts of color and composition that are utilitarian unless stumbled upon and studied for their beauty. My mother collected them, filed them away in notebooks, and looked up their worth and history in stamp books.  Her name was Phyl and she was a philatelist which seems appropriate.   I never caught on to her collecting and could not really grasp the necessity of this endeavor.  But as an artist I love the serendipitous use of them in my paintings.  And I love using a few of her stamps as a way to honor and remember her legacy.  I know this new-found use for them would make her smile."
 Some of my stash...
 The stamps find their ways into my work.
"My stamps are glued in the first layers of my paintings and they undergo a transformation with paint glazed on and around them.  Sometimes I apply so much paint that only I know the stamps are there, except for the added weight and texture they give.  Often their muted or vibrant colors set the overall tone of the painting.  I love it when Queen Elizabeth peeks out from around a vase or a sheet of blue stamps become bedding in a nest."
 They often get covered over with paint layers so they only peak through.
They make great nesting material.
 and shine out from tables,
and just about everywhere.
To learn more about UPPERCASE Magazine
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"After all of their global adventures, I hope the retired stamps are settled in to their new home and look down from their painting at the abode where they now reside.  Maybe they can even see the new mail that arrives daily, and just maybe they check out those stamps and casually ask them how their trip was.  Yep it could happen."

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