Tuesday, October 13, 2009

from Family Circle to the Jersey Shore

This story starts out in Seattle -
Last month I read an ad in Family Circle magazine
and I thought hmmm...
Being a bead and bracelet collector,
and a lover of anything homemade,
recycled and sparkly...
and knowing we would be in
the Jersey Shore area soon...
and that my sometime partner in jewelry crime
(aka my daughter-in-law)
would approve...

We maneuvered our car towards Asbury Park
and our loving husbands helped us find this store...
a wonderful, creative gem of a shoppe.

If you find yourself in the area,
just go the boardwalk and look inland
and there you will find
tell Michael that I sent you.
This will make him laugh as
he was so surprised when
I told him how we got to his store.
Hope you enjoy!

This gem of a bracelet called out to me and
is now enjoying being sparkly in Seattle...
I just love all the recycled buttons, cufflinks, earrings
and beads attached to it -
as does my cat,
another lover of sparkly items.

Then we visited the quaint town of Ocean Grove
just down the road...

just so cute!
A perfect day...

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