Tuesday, October 13, 2009

to Princeton and back...

My husband and I travelled across the country last week
to visit these two in Princeton.

We saw many amazing and wonderful things including...

our new grandpuppy - Samwise...

who immediately melted our hearts even after
he felt the profound need to wash our ears
which we did not enjoy.

There were so many experiences that I could blog about
so I decided to do a little bit each day this week.
So join me as we visit art museums, the Jersey shore and a great store there,
Philadelphia and New Hope, Pennsylvania
where we stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast,
and other things I found that I would like to share.

For today I would like to share some of the buildings
of Princeton and the stone carvings and details.

Everywhere I looked there were little details and embellishments
that one does not find on newer buildings.

Just look at these hallways...

minute precision and detail in every inch!

and then the adornments...

Look at those grapevines...

and these angels...

and is he their tiger mascot?

There are dragons climbing walls...

and guards peering down while...

checking your every step.

So thank you Princeton for your amazing stonework!

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