Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Last Art Lesson

The theme for Art Fest last year was "Sea Creatures"
so I created Jonah and the Big Fish.
I thought this lesson
would be a good one to conclude
our 10 week art class.

We used leftover laminate to create an added dimension
and cover the underwater scene
and keep the glitter from escaping...

We used permanent marker, glitter
and acrylic paint on the laminate...

then flipped the laminate so the art work is on the inside.

The painted seaweed hides some of the story
and gives the underwater happenings some mystery.

Jonah is either swimming...

or in the whale...

or finally spit out and on his way to Nineveh!

I will miss these kiddos...
new lessons start in January...
the theme will be winter projects
in printmaking,painting
and of course mixed media!

1 comment:

  1. working with kids and art is so much fun...last year I was doing art with teenagers at the boys and girls club and we laughed and danced and made some wonderful journal like pages.....

    I know how much you will miss them....