Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am famous... hee hee

I am featured here today.

thank you Malia -
what fun to read about me!


  1. Great interview!! I enjoyed reading that. I cannot believe your finger is taking so long -must have been quite an accident. I guess you are through clipping hedges for life. The class by Kelly Rae seems interesting - I looked at her site last night. I haven't created anything in over two months. I HAVE to get back into my studio soon and get over this "negative" attitude I have been having about my abilities. Who cares what anyone thinks! I need to remember that I create for ME.

  2. Such a great interview!I LOVE the story about Doug sending you flowers! :) so cute! I'm really impressed by your heart that you shared in the interview. love you.

  3. That was a wonderful and inspiring interview...
    I really enjoyed reading it and feel like I know you alittle better now....Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up one day in person....I'd definitely like to meet you and see your work in person....who knows, maybe we will.......

  4. you are so adored! thanks again... xoxo

  5. I loved the interview!!I loved your blog the minute i clicked on it:O) Blessings:O) Isabel

  6. Your interview over at Malia's was great. I loved reading about your process and your art. Your art is just fabulous too. I am a new follower and so happy to have found you through Malia.
    504 Main

  7. Great interview, Pam. I always love to learn more about fellow bloggers and these interviews are such a great way. Love your husband story!

  8. Great interview Pam, I may have to go back and read through it again later today. I love reading about the experiences of other artists, their trials and triumphs.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Tina xo

  9. Pam, I LOVED reading all that about you and your art! We have a lot in common... love of colour, faith, Anthropologie, painting...if only we lived nearer! Claire x

  10. Dear Pamela,
    I'm just getting to know you (surprise, surprise) but enjoyed reading all the information on the other site. Best of luck with you, especially your work with kids.

  11. I vistied Malia's blog to read your interview. Inspirting words! Loved hearing about your art path! I have toyed with the idea of starting up an Etsy shop to sell creations and artwork. I have not done it (yet), and like you... I just started my blog last October (almost a year ago)...and did not have a clue what I was doing to start it up!
    I love your attitude! Art should be enjoyable, and I think your interview brought the joy you experience in creating your art to the readers...:) Nice husband you have there too, he reminds me of my dear Richard!
    May God bless your life with many more beautiful blessings down the road (I know He will)!
    Have a great day!