Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paris in sepia

Let the fun begin...
Monsieur Nick returned from Paris with over 1000 photos for 'moi'.
So I experimented with Photoshop and Picnik 
and decided to take you along for the ride.
This is his arty shot of his empty coffee cup
with the Eiffel Tower made of coffee grounds.
See it?
This is my interpretation adding one of his sepia shots of the Eiffel Tower
along with vivid light and faded photo in Photoshop,
and vignette, orton-ish and cinemascope in Picnik.
Just having some fun...
love this old building...
and he brought me this card...
so I merged it with another coffee shot using pinlight in Photoshop,
then matte, orton-ish and cinemascope in Picnik.
Just his stellar photo at the Louvre with old photo in Photoshop.
and finally a cool cafe (definitely have a coffee theme going here)
in orton-ish and focal black and white in Picnik.
So now 994 pictures to go.  
Guess we will be seeing more of Paris for awhile - 
hope you don't mind.
a bientot...
merci Monsieur Nick


  1. Wow!!!!! Very lovely!!!! :)
    Can't wait to see more photos!

  2. I wish I could say something really clever in French but I I will just say you did a geat the pictures....

  3. Simply fabulous.... do you give photoshop lessons yet? I will sign up! xo ajae

  4. So wonderful of you to have Paris photos to play with. I love your mix of the different photos...very clever.

  5. ooh la la.....these are great photos and you are doing great things with Photoshop. Hope your hand is getting better all the time.

  6. Love, love, love the photos Pam and your experiments have me thinking I should get to know Photoshop a little better!
    Thanks for the inspiration today!
    Tina xo

  7. Thanks everyone. Maybe I will put some french photos up once a week for awhile so we can all take a little vacation in our minds.

  8. Merveilleux!!! I love these photos! What a wonderful wonderful work. I enjoyed it so very much.

  9. Oh I love your photos Pam! I especially loved the Eiffel Tower and cup you digitally created. You lucky girl getting all of these fabulous photos from Paris. I will love seeing more and love seeing your creations from them. You are so gifted.

  10. Oh and my hubby just bought me photoshop a few months ago. I am very slowly even figuring out how to use it. I love how you told us here the steps you used to create your lovely pieces. It's very helpful to me.

  11. Those are great photo's and your very clever with the PS tools!!

  12. wow-these images are gorgeous. you are so talented. my favorite is the eiffel tower in the cool is that!

  13. Very fabulous!!!!

  14. Sepia matches on the coffee shot because they have the same color. With that, I have imagine the taste and aroma of the cappuccino. When I was in Junior HS, one of my favorite lessons that I've learned from basic photography is sepia. I've thousand of files in my Flicker account. Most them are sepia and black and white themes. One of my creative shots was used in conceptualizing and making a website design. Toronto, my hometown, I just want to share that (Toronto) website designers are truly professional and absolutely creative.