Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a Breath of Country Air

a breath of country air would do me good, I fancy.
here's another mini joint compound piece with its inspired wording.
I don't know why -
but these random cuttings from old books are just giving me the giggles...
and one can never have too many giggles.
here is the piece after the first layer...
and all the way back to the beginning.
fighting a migraine today and need another giggle.
do you have one for me?


  1. Love your blog! I really want to win Mingle. For giggles...your new "flowers" look a bit like yummy donuts with sprinkles. Love your work, I do need to give it a try!

  2. I love your joint compound pieces..you'll need to do a mini class for your housemates!! :D

  3. Love all the depth in your layers - such rich colors. Wow!

  4. i'm trying to think of a joke to make you giggle, but of course i'm drawing a complete blank. fantastic blog banner. i like your profile description about heaven & nature singing through your art. very cool texture on the joint compound process. woot woot!

  5. Ouch-, I hope your headache is gone now. I don't have a giggle for you--just a compliment--wonderful!

  6. Love this Pam! I too think you should have a mini class....of course I would be right there to attend.