Friday, September 23, 2011

a sensible arrangement

this newest piece,
a very sensible arrangement,
is finished I do believe...
and I love remembering how it started -
with creamy joint compound,
and then it came alive with 
paint, paper, stamps, glitter, an upholstery tack,
and a line from an old book that just seemed to fit -
"A very sensible arrangement, I should think."
yes I should think so.


  1. Oh I love to see what can be created with non-traditional materials when in the hands of an artist! I only see the original photo of the design in the wet compound (blogger again I suppose) but I know you did something extraordinary with that simple expressive design!
    Have a very happy weekend and if you get the time to shoot me an email with the pictures I can't see, please do! Thanks Pamela!
    Tina xo

  2. Oh... this is so beautiful!
    Simply lovely work, Pamela :]

  3. that is a very happy painting! like a welcoming of fall.