Saturday, January 28, 2012

please play with your food...

It's been a hard week...
After the storm ended our heater went on strike,
so we got a new one ($$$ sigh)
and then the power went out again.
Our yard looks like a bomb went off in it - 
looked kinda nice when it was covered in snow,
but now the two broken trees look really sad.
Well this link to the photo above and many more
cheered me up so take a look if you need a smile -
and who doesn't?
I will be back later with two new kiddo projects
and some happy art news too.


  1. funny photo!
    sorry for the stuff of life...sometimes it just stinks! we had to replace our heater last year, so know what you speak of...we had to pay extra to have our installed even...they had to take it down through a trap door to our root cellar...well that's where it is in a 160yr. old house. lol

  2. this just cracks me up. sorry about your heater (i 'know' how painful house stuff can be) but the 'link' you provided really gave me a good laugh!

  3. Just reminded myself that I need to go have dinner.