Sunday, March 4, 2012

a Seattle stroll

found him in a hardware store window.
  a wall.
metal embedded in the sidewalk.
looking down is beautiful.
recycled fence design.
 the best coffee ever can be found here
and I drank my latte way too quickly.
 passed this decorated faucet.
 two furballs.
 our receipt at oddfellows
says 'friendship, love, truth ' -
how sweet is that?
we shared beignets and eggs benedict and our tummies were happy all day.
thanks for joining me on our Saturday stroll...


  1. Fun post!!! I haven't been to Seattle in years, but your post made me want to plan a trip soon! My nephew plays for the Seahawks, so maybe we'll get to a game next season.! I'll have to try that coffee!

  2. What fun...!!
    Thank you for the tour :]
    Still looks a bit chilly there?
    Here in California we have been having a glimpse of Spring, hitting into the low 80's.