Sunday, March 18, 2012

a Sunday blessing - 1000 thank yous

How does one say thank you
to an amazing group of parents
who blessed us abundantly last week?
I am graced and honored and blessed to work at a school
among amazing teachers and a community of faith.
Last week was teacher appreciation week
and I can say we were all blown away
by the thoughtfulness we received.
I wanted to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart
so I created these 'brushes' paintings from your gorgeous displays.
Please feel free to download each of the 3 pieces above and
print them out for your personal use.
Our week was organized around the book
one thousand gifts
by Ann Voskamp
which I blogged about here.
 Our amazing parents changed the theme to
1000 thank yous
and made the invites and all decorations to match the book.
And look at the treasures that awaited us
in the teacher's lounge 
and at a very special luncheon.
And our classroom doors were each wrapped like a present.
 Even plants surrounded our luncheon brought in from the local nursery.
 And if all the week's blessings were not enough,
we were each given a basket filled to the brim
with beautiful wrappings - almost too pretty to open.
 My favorite was this canning jar filled with Bible blessings...
 and you can print out these gems at Ann's website here.
what can I say but again,
a very heartfelt thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
I get a little teary just remembering the beautiful tribute.


  1. Oh my gosh... that entire event is so pretty. You must have some kind, generous and artistic parents there. What great ideas. I've never heard of that book before but now I NEED IT! How nice that you have such great support from the parents... as a teacher that has to feel good! xoxoxo

  2. What an amazingly talented group of parents and how wonderful to have all your efforts with their children over the year appreciated that way Pamela. Such rich blessings!
    Tina xo

  3. WOW! Really amazing things. What great parents...but I bet it's because of even greater teachers!! xoxo

  4. I want to come and work in your school! :0
    I'm off to print off my own jar of bible blessings :)

  5. Oh, my heart is so full after seeing your best blog ever.
    Sent it to a friend who is about to do a blessing party for another dear friend.
    Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    YOU are a blessing.

  6. Thanks everyone. I highly recommend the book if you need a read that could change your life!

  7. Many, many countless... blessings! :]
    This is terrific, thank you for sharing. ((hugs))

  8. Wow! Everything is very thoughtful, and beautiful! I am so glad you were recognized for being the wonderful teacher that you are. Thanks for the book recommendation too. That sounds amazing.

    Happy week to you!!

  9. Wow . . . just amazing! So tasteful and charming. Love the theme. The canning jar with bible blessings is a wonderful gift giving idea:O) I'm so sure they feel very blessed to have you there as a teacher. Thank you for sharing very much. Blessings, Sandy xo

  10. I'm so happy that I found this post! Very heart warming... Thank you for sharing!