Thursday, October 4, 2012

a painting a day #20

I have been interviewed twice this week
for the upcoming art show.
You can find out all about me 
here and here.
a busy week indeed-
I finished her (below) 
and then headed to California to my 40th high school reunion,
then returned home to find out I was feeling lousy the entire time 
because the bladder infection turned into a kidney infection... sigh.
Just hate antibiotics-
especially when they don't work.
So now I am trying to rest when instead I should be prepping, pricing and painting.
Sometimes life just throws you a curve.
Who am I kidding?
Life throws curves left and right and
you just have to curve them to your advantage right?
Well I do really love this girl who smiles with a fat sweetness.
Honestly I would rather she not leave home anytime soon.

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