Saturday, August 3, 2013

Funnel Caw'kins

Meet Funnel Caw'kins.
He was born yesterday,
but labor took a week...
and was rather difficult.
He was made in class-
Paper Mache Beasts at artEAST.
First he was wired and stuffed.
Then he need to dry,
 and a word was needed for his perch -
so he searched and found the perfect word -
And then he dried some more
while trying out a new nest.
And some more drying time...
Have you noticed a continuous theme here?
At least now he has wings too.
And a cute little hat.
His top coat is made with torn painted paper.
Buttons were my mom's as were the thread spools.
Eyes are painted coffee beans.
Cardboard tube was retrieved from recycle.
Now how do I keep my cat from the tangling threads in motion
and all the sparklies?
After all he is part crow...

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh he is adorable. What a perfect word for him too! I love his hat and perch. What fun! Love to see all your creativity. :)