Friday, August 23, 2013

Where did the summer go?

We have had a glorious summer,
wonderful weather,
lots of teaching,
and enjoying the days...
hence not much blogging.
Here is a glimpse of the highlights...
First ferry ride leaving Seattle.
Next ferry to Victoria.
See the 'Coho for peace'?
A beautiful chalk drawing on the sidewalk in Victoria.
A little fun in a Victoria park.
 artEAST progressive dinner in 4 art studios.
 Listening to music in the park every Thursday afternoon
 from our yard.
 The amazement that our vegetable garden actually grew
 and gave us divine goodies.
 An organized art room with some help from Ikea.
 My new friend that I birthed.
 My great niece letting her caterpillar-butterfly free.
 Discovering a watercolor I made years ago.
 More ferry rides.
 Spotting these guys in front of a house in Ellensburg 
on the way to visit friends in Coeur D'Alene.
A chair for sale.
 New friends in a park.
 Learning we are going to have a grand-daughter!!!!!
Teaching with my son.
 More teaching.
 And looking forward to new adventures.


  1. Looks like a Wonderful summer Pamela! I am lucky enough to have visited Victoria and even little Salt Spring Island BC, but not Seattle.Go figure! It's definitely on my list! I always enjoy your photo alterations - so much character. :)

  2. Thanks Mary. I definitely enjoy making them. Wish the world looked more like an app - ha!