Monday, March 24, 2014

A Spring Garden Party

 I taught a mixed media, joint compound class at artEAST yesterday.
It was so much fun.
I had three talented students whose work appears below.
 I set up and brought what felt like everything from my studio.
It takes a lot of supplies to do mixed media 
if you really want to do it right :)
 I laid out the stations with supplies 
like buttons and paper and tissue and glitter 
and - well you get the idea.
 So we stenciled,
 and joint compounded,
 and etched into it
and stamped, 
and crayoned,
and glued,
and played,
and made a mess,
and laughed,
and enjoyed ourselves,
and created some beautiful pieces of art.


  1. I just loved your class! Thank you for such a wonderful day. I was so inspired to try more mixed media art that I immediately went out to get the supplies that afternoon. I'm really excited to continue honing the new techniques I learned. Usually when I think of trying to paint or create a piece of art, I freak out because I'm so critical of myself and worried about the finished product. In your class, I was able to just have fun and let go of that worry, and I came home with something I absolutely love. Thank you! I hope you teach another mixed media class for adults soon. -- Tara

  2. Thanks so much Tara. Your piece was beautiful and I really enjoyed meeting you! See you again.