Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is it possible to create the Eric Carle look on the iPad and with Finger Painting?

I adore Eric Carle and the look he achieves.  
So the iPad/Mixed Media class attempted to achieve his look on the iPad
by first painting lots of design and texture,
then painting over most of that design for a simple background.
Fish and houses seemed to be the best subject matter to achieve the look.
 Then we got messy.
I love this class because we balance the controlled iPad technique
(where the delete button instantly takes away an unwanted mark)
with messy mixed media.
 Our Eric Carle finger painted fish were created with the same technique as on the iPad.
We scribbled and made marks all over the paper,
then finger painted the ocean around the fish.
It's a great lesson that seemed like play to the kiddos,
but really gave them lots of different ways to create that they aren't used to.
They weren't big on using their fingers to paint,
or painting over lots of marks they had already made.
But their minds were expanded and they all smiled in the end.

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