Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dragons and Castles and Princesses oh my!

Start with some creative kiddos
 and have them stamp using foam blocks for some castle texture.
 Then cut out castle towers and make them stick out so they are 3D.
 Add some stamped clouds and grass rubbing texture
 as well as brick turrets.
 Then think about what your setting needs to really let it zing...
 Ahh yes it needs a princess and a dragon and maybe some tissue fire.
 It was a great project with lots of laughs.
We first drew dragons and princesses on the iPad.
Then I printed out their creations so they were able 
to cut them out and place them into their setting.
A great collaborative project as we all stamped together on group papers.
They were able to see how iPads and mixed media thrive together.
How about all you art teachers out there.  
Have you been able to incorporate iPads with traditional art?
(their iPad drawings)

I also did this lesson several years ago. 
To see the detailed printing instructions
just click here.
Seriously one of my favorite lessons.
I would love to see pictures if you teach this lesson.

It may have helped that I just finished all 5 years of Merlin.
Good thing I got them from Mail-in Netflix
or I would have been glued to my tv for a seriously long time.
So yes I was in a Medieval dragon mode.

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