Tuesday, March 9, 2010

once upon a time there were dragons...

Once upon a time
there were castles, and princesses,
and knights and 
fire breathing dragons...
This was a great project and the kids loved it.
First we cut and glued fun foam to cardboard 
in shapes of bricks, 
stones for castle walls, 
clouds and dragon scales.
Then we printed with acrylic paints because that is what I had - 
worked great.
The following week we each took our stash of building materials
and cut and pasted and built a castle.
And of course castles need princesses and dragons too...
This dragon was captured and thrown into the tower.
They were so proud
and I was so happy that they really engaged with this project.
Each piece reflects their personalities.


  1. Wow. you seem like an AWESOME art teacher! Way cooler projects than I ever had and i LOVE this one! I love that one girl who made her towers go off the paper. Brillant way to start thinking outside of the box(or page) :) Your grandchildren someday are going to have to have art days with you :)

  2. Cool. Now I just have to 1) get those grandkids and 2) get them to live close to me... he he :)