Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yippe yahoo art fest is near

Art Fest here I come...
with 75 trades ready to exchange -
This year I created pads of note paper to tuck in your purse - 
seems like I can always use that and figured others could too.
First I painted old manilla folders that would have been tossed otherwise.
then I stitched the backs to notebook paper 
from the kids' younger school days...
  and I think I broke my poor old sewing machine :( 
and took them to school to cut straight lines with 
the commercial size paper cutter...
and tied beads to the threads...
and stamped "once upon a time" on the front (as this is the theme)...
and my own stamp on the back...
and now I am ready to see what wonderful, creative goodies others made to exchange.
I will show you what I get when I return.
Oh ya I will be taking a class
Thursday from Misty Mawn,
Friday from Lynne Perella
and Saturday from Jesse Reno.
In all three classes I will be working quite large which will be good for me,
but a little scary too - 
I am so excited!

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  1. You are so creative, Pam,seriously! And your teasing again--a class with those 3--amazing!! I wish I lived there. The first time that I ever saw Jesse Reno was on a you tube video--he is so cool--what a great class that will be.