Sunday, March 28, 2010

Art Fest rocks!

got back from art fest several hours ago...
so now I need to try to wrap my head around the idea
of returning to the "real" world...
and how to incorporate ideas from all 3 classes and use them in my art.
Misty and Lynne were great and Jesse stretched me almost to the breaking point
with a new way of creating
(above picture is of my hand covered in paint 
as we only painted and mixed using said hand 
with white, black, red, yellow and blue).
This was the easy part,
 but it was a tad difficult painting over parts of my painting
that I happened to like... hmmm.... really hard for me....
instead of building up layers like I love to do.
It was the exact opposite of how I work and I went into it
kicking and screaming - must ponder why...

I did decide that I will teach my kids next trimester
with all 3 techniques I learned -
what fun!
I will post photos and details about what I learned later this week,
but for now here are a few snippets to tide you over -
from Misty's class - gotta work on the santos still...
from Lynne's "baroque" class using toner copies
of people from the past...
and my pieces I refused to paint over
just cause I liked them as they are!
 Hey I am old enough to know what I like
and it is my art!!!
As I told Jesse, I will try again later...
Have a great week!!


  1. Hi Pamela! Thank you so much for my trade too! I really love the care and thought that you put into your pieces - makes them so special. Like you, I'm trying to absorb everything I saw/heard/felt over the last few days. It's almost overwhelming! Once I get back home (I'm working in Olympia this week) I'm hoping to be able to process it all. So much inspiration!!! Hope we can keep in touch and even see each other at Artfest next year! Hugs, Shelly

  2. You lucky bum--these photos are so perfect!!

  3. Your blog is great Pamela! Thanks for stopping by my blog to share your thoughts about Jesse Reno's class. What an amazing experience that was. Please keep in touch.

  4. Hi Pamela! I too am just coming down from the clouds...actually, I feel like I hit a brick wall now that Artfest is over, the exhaustion kicks in. but it is all so very good.
    Thanks for leaving me a note, check in on ya soon.

  5. Hi Pamela, I love your work + your blog. These pieces are gorgeous.

  6. Hello Pamela, well how talented are you! Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find you!

    I am a huge art lover!

    ox, Mon

  7. These are all very beautiful. Your use of colors and all the beautiful layers...I'm so intrigued.
    Can't wait to see them again in their entirety