Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Muse has gone on Vacation

I posted this on Instagram a couple of days ago:

Sometimes I will do anything to not face the easel 
and that artistic panic when my muse has chosen not to visit for a few months.  
Hence this photo setup in the studio.  
Augh it has been way too long. 
OK I will now pick up a brush and attempt to paint something 
even if my muse has chosen to instead go on an around-the-world trip;  
since I couldn't join her 
I hope she brings me a miniature Eiffel Tower or maybe some macarons.

So after I wrote this I dragged myself into the studio and actually did something.
First I started playing around with my iPad and worked on these two pieces.
Neither is done but at least they are a start...
just one mark after the other will eventually make a piece of art right?
I am hoping to get lots of prints for sale in my Etsy shop soon 
which alas is very empty at present.
I would love some feedback.
Any suggestions or comments
on the idea of the above two pieces?
Then I managed to draw and get a painting started.
I still seem to be in a whimsical girl and animal phase.
Just can't fight it so I guess I will follow along...

Phew maybe my muse only went on a short vacation.
I should really welcome her back with an espresso and cookies.
At the gallery Funnel Cawkins sold which is very bittersweet for me.
He is made with my grandmother's thread, mom's buttons and funnel.
 I really got attached to him so parting is such sweet sorrow.
How do other artists let go when their favorite pieces grow up and leave home?
I haven't perfected this yet ;)

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