Monday, July 7, 2014

The Magic of Klimt and Kiddos

In art club we explored Gustav Klimt, his magical tree,
and his use of lots of detail.
My favorite outcome was that each student did his own version
 and each painting looked totally unique.
How cool is that?
So trees swooped 
and twirled in the breeze
and housed some very cute owls.
You will also notice each student's initials on the picture
for a little extra bling.  
We read this book from Klimt's cat's point of view.
 Ahhh what a sweet cat...
We also drew his trees in our own style on the iPad.
This was actually the first step as it really helped the kids get the idea 
of swooping curly lines 
and there was always the undo button if needed.
So when it came time to draw big trees
no explanations were needed.
They just did it like the experts they were.
One more lesson to share later.

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