Monday, August 25, 2014

Etsy shop up and running!

my Etsy shop is up and running...
been empty for way too long,
but it is ready for perusing and hopefully 
will bring a smile to your face.
I decided to concentrate on iPad sketches this time.
So you will find
a bell jar series in the works...
as well as iPad remakes of some of my favorite sold mixed media pieces,
and a soon-to-be section of spiritual quotes.
just click here or on my name at the right of the screen to see them all
as well as info all about me;
I do find that part so challenging.
Try narrowing down the core of who you are creatively
it is so difficult to be accurate, concise and open.
I think I did it -
would love some feedback!
Now it is time to make some more.
Next in the works is an art studio inside a bell jar...
it could happen ;)


  1. Hi Pamela, all of your prints look beautiful! Thanks for sharing your news. I just barely opened up an Etsy shop on August 22nd. I have been dragging my heals for quite awhile in doing it. So much to learn! I wish I was more savy in that area. :) I am sure I will learn by making mistakes. I need to figure out how to get my art on my blog sidebar! Any hints on that area for me would be great appreciated!! :) It's all exciting and a bit scary for me. I do enjoy your photos and artwork, keeping plugging away!!

  2. Hi Gloria, nice to hear from you and thanks! As to the Etsy side bar, I can't remember but think it is just an option of things to add to your front page when you are in blogger. The best thing to do when you have any question is simply google it. So type in "how to add my etsy page to blogger front page" and that should give you suggestions. Or do the same in etsy. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  3. Thank you for your helpful reply! :)