Sunday, September 7, 2014

summer snippets in instagram

It's back to work for me next week.
And actually I can't wait to teach a new round of kiddos 
how to paint with their fingers on the iPad,
and how to make messes while creating mixed media,
and how to make beautiful oops (my favorite kiddo book),
and how to love what you create and not stop loving your God-given talent
that is right there in those amazing finger tips.

So looking back over the summer-
what can I say other than it has been great.
So here is a brief review with instagram.
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 Ahh Carmel California...sigh.
We flew into San Jose and then 
drove down the coast to visit my dad in So Cal.
 I finally found my own heart rock!!!
 Grapes toasting in the sun at the San Louis Obispo mission.
 I still think palm trees are rather funny looking.
 A painting at the Huntington Library in Pasadena-
a gem of a place with art museums and botanical gardens.
 This friendly fellow at Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar - 
another hidden gem of a botanical garden.
 Beets from our wonderful farmer's market.
 An amazing looking plant from So Cal.
Bougainvillea from So Cal.
 As much as I love traveling to new places,
it's always good to come back home
and just sit on those warm evenings and cherish family.
Notice the black cat looking out the screen door 
and a very old corgi asleep on the stoop.
 We had a very special visit from our Pennsylvania son, 
our daughter-in-law and sweet Sophie.
What a special treat as they hadn't been here in two years.
This photo just cracks me up.
 And this one melts my heart.
This was the morning they left
and Sophie graced me with a nap
and small baby noises as she slept away.
Again sigh...
 And I got my Etsy shop up and running again.
Finished this guy yesterday and will get him listed soon.
 But I would escape to the beach in a heartbeat if given the chance.


  1. Beautiful images you captured this summer. Looks like a fantastic one! :)

  2. It was the best one and I am so thankful the summer weather is holding albeit very cold at night.