Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Story Behind the Illustration

Remember this piece from a couple of posts ago?

Well the class I am taking (see last post)
suggested we document our work.  
So here is my attempt to explain this piece.

As an artist it can be such a process to figure out why 
I do what I do.
Sometimes there are so many conflicting thoughts dancing in my head,
and sometime I just let the dream become real without much thought,
and sometimes it is more of a technical exercise than a visceral one.
I wasn't really sure why I was so attracted to bell jars or "cloches"
and this exercise made me pull that deep rooted want to draw them
and attach a "why" to it.
Now to get this piece filmed and posted on Etsy
as well as printed large and framed for the gallery
and finish another painting for the gallery.
And off to teach iPads to little fingers later too;
just love their giggles.
I need a 48 hour day!  :)


  1. The cloche is used in Europe for several reasons. One is to protect cheese and other food from insects as most homes had no screens on their windows. They are also used in the garden to protect young seedlings from frost.

  2. Thanks for the info Linda. The cloche is very versatile indeed.