Friday, February 20, 2015

Today I will Choose Joy

 In MATS Bootcamp our assignment was to make wall art
on a piece of roundish wood.
 So I first sealed the part of the wood that I planned to paint on,
then sketched the general idea.
 Painting commenced and I found it rather hard to get 
the acrylics to flow and blend.  
Fought it the entire time....

But I persevered and eventually these happy souls appeared-
A bear delivers flowers to a crow in need of encouragement,
and a young girl and corgi welcome the two to their cozy home
for tea and scones by the fire.
I wish I could join them.
 Words of affirmation were added
 to remind me that I have a choice everyday 
to love and experience joy,
or squelch it.
It really is that simple.
so today I will choose Joy!
This oval 11x14" rough edged piece of wood 
would love to adorn your wall 
and remind you to 
give flowers
 or words of affirmation
or whatever is needed
 to those around you each and every day. 
$150 - email me if interested or it will go to the gallery soon.

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