Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Musings Notebook for MATS Bootcamp

I am loving Lilla Rogers'
Make Art that Sells Bootcamp.
Our first assignment was to sketch Edwardian brooches
which was quite fun.
This assignment morphed into turning these sketches into a cover for a journal.
The final drawings are displayed on her site.
How fun is that?

I thought you might like to see my initial sketch.
I wanted to make a journal that I would buy,
and as this wasn't for an actual client,
I didn't make the jewelry the focal point.
So I decided to fill the pages with the way my art desk actually looks with art stacked everywhere.
A notebook should be for lots of ideas and brainstormings don't you think?
Not neat but messy which allows for more
musings, meandering and markings.
Then I decided I needed my own copy.
So I was happy with it for my first project.
Now on to the next one.
You can see my project and all the other beautiful submissions here.


  1. Very cool! :) I have seen some artists on Instagram posting different submissions for the different classes they have done. It's fun to look at them. Beautiful job on yours!