Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Snow Globes iPad Style!

 It's that time of year again when we make snow globes!
Only this year one of my iPad classes is studying fairy tales
so we made Hansel and Gretel candy cottages in that class...
Each is enveloped in snow of frosting and candy.
First the students drew their cottages.
 Then we cropped them into a circle.
They cut them out,
added ephemera, 
colored the globe with white snowflakes,
and glued 3/4s of the cover on,
which left an opening for me to add the glitter.
 I took them home,
warned the cat to hide,
got out the glitter,
 and started stitching and filling each globe.
 I will be seeing glitter for quite some time...
such is the small price for beauty.
Ahh pure joy!
These are all based on my original snow globe taught years ago.  
You can see the original lesson here.

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  1. How Dang Cute!.....love, love, love this idea.....