Wednesday, December 30, 2009

snow globes anyone?

I needed to come up with an art project
for my class for Monday...
so today I put on my thinking cap
and came up with this 2D snow globe.
I decided to share the prototype now
in case someone out there needed a project
to do with the kiddos asap...

so first I painted a winter scene
on cardboard...

then I added some stars and snow glitter...

then I painted acrylic snow on left over laminate
from the laminating machine at school...
(the librarian saves it for me)

so then I put a strip of glue around 3/4s of the globe
and sewed over it to attach.
I poured a tablespoon of snow glitter,
and some stars into the top opening,
then glued that edge and sewed it close.
(notice my faithful friend)

a fun winter project
and it even shakes!


  1. awesome tutorial Pam! If I had kids, it'd be a great idea for a project :)

  2. This is a beautiful project. I clicked on your website that linked from Artsonia website and love your approach! I am working with 1st graders up in Skagit County and plan to use this idea...I can't wait! Thank you :)