Tuesday, December 8, 2009

advent December 8

o tannenbaum, o tannenbaum...

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
You can please me very much!
How often has not at Christmastime
A tree like you given me such joy!
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree,
You can please me very much!

as the lyrics go...
This is my all time favorite ornament
made by my youngest who was 7 at the time...
such a little artist and creator...

and you have got to love the structure of the thing-
just look at those toothpicks
and of course lots, and I mean lots
of scotch tape to hold the whole thing together...
oh to be young and creative
and think outside the box!


  1. Nick, I hope you will keep making your art. You're such a creative guy and every piece is a thrill to see.

  2. Oh my! That anonymous person is me, Nick's dad.

  3. Creativity sure does run in the family! Thanks dad, that is much appreciated! I will indeed keep making art.