Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Good Bye to Zoe

 Zoe Holderman
 You made it to 14 1/4
which is a long time for a corgi.
And even though I had been preparing my heart
 for the time you would leave us,
I still wasn't prepared to for it to happen so suddenly.
 You brought us joy and taught us patience
and reminded us that we each come with personality
that can't be altered.
God created you with a personality that was bigger
 than your short little body
which didn't stop you from doing what you wanted to do.
 You knew how to play and would fetch the ball until your body said enough. 
 You were a good sport about all the photos I took
and your fashion sense was impeccable.
 You knew how to rest
and how to make me stop and slow down.
 Thanks for herding us to bed each evening
and camping by the side of my bed to herd me downstairs each morning.
I loved that ritual
and still feel bad that we didn't have any sheep for you to herd.
You would have loved that.
 You loved your kingdom and surveyed it daily
to clear it from pesky squirrel, deer and crow.
We will try to continue your legacy...
 A summer dip was your favorite 
yet I still don't get why you hated bath time so much.
Sorry we took you to the dog park,
but thank you for always protecting us from the other dogs 
and herding us back to the car safely -
it's what you lived for because we were your people.
 A tennis ball was your best friend
and you were a homebody.
 You kept our feet clean
 and would have done the same with our bowls if we let you.
Thanks for teaching Matteo that he needed to get up
 and greet us when we get home,
even if he is sleeping.
He dutifully was there when I got home yesterday
and I was so dreading you not being there to greet me.
 Girl you have enriched our lives beyond measure.
We pray you are being greeted in Paradise by your cat buddies who went ahead 
- Sampson and Thomas,
and you will get
all the balls you want to chase,
endless summer swims,
longer legs,
a tail,
and all the bacon you can eat.
Little did I know this photo of you the other day would be your last.
It seemed so odd that you faced your back to me.
I know the last couple of years have been hard on you,
but you were your stoic self until the end.
This is how I will remember you - 
anticipating running like the wind after your hundredth fetch
and still wanting more.


  1. Awe Pamela, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend and faithful companion, Zoe. :( ... I really enjoyed getting to know her through all of your wonderful photos you shared of her. I am certain she is having a blast up in heaven right now running around with her pals. My prayers of comfort will be with you, and your family. hugs, Gloria

  2. Thanks Gloria. I really appreciate your kind words.