Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Dog Days of Summer

... or should I say the cat days of summer?
"What to do when you are hot"
by Matteo
  • bask in the sun
  • lay on my back
  • pout a lot
  • meow over and over again
  • swat the dog as she walks by
  • constantly bother my mom and dad
  • and lay on my back and pout some more...
that's about it!

This is my pout...

Matteo has been living with us for over a year -
he was from the animal shelter and had been living
on the streets for quite awhile.
His fur was so thin and mangy and
his tail sorta looked like a possums with a little fur.
Now it is black velvet and he is very proud of his furry tail.
Can you tell?

1 comment:

  1. OOHHH! He is really SOMETHIN'! How adorable. I love strays...we have one coming around lately I call Cranky Jack. His health has improved greatly from when we first saw him due to good nutrition and a visit to the vet...but he still lives outside for now.