Sunday, August 23, 2009

a Sunday blessing

I have decided to give myself the challenge of creating
a Sunday blessing every other Sunday. I am trying to find everyday objects and events and link them with
Bible verses so they take on a whole new meaning.
Hopefully they will cause you to pause and ponder...

The idea for this week's photo and verse came to me as I was sitting
at a Jackson Browne concert Friday evening.
I was not happy that cameras were not allowed
as I really wanted to share the beauty of this place with you -
The St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington is spectacular.
So try to picture a beautiful summer evening with rolling clouds,
a little blue sky, and large expanses of grass that slope down to a stage - a perfect spot to watch a concert.
And to top that off, as my husband and I arrived we were greeted by
friends who invited us to join them.
So we plunked down our beach chairs
and enjoyed a wonderful evening of food
which they graciously shared ( a Friday blessing), wine,
conversation and great music.
And we were close to the stage...pure bliss!
As my brain tends to wander, I found my thoughts straying
to the beautiful vineyards of Lake Chelan that we had visited a couple of weeks before
(and simultaneously the other side of my brain chastised me for not having my next blog ready)
and then I remembered these little glimpses of grapes that my camera found.
So my blessing had its birth...

Jackson Browne sung A Patriot's Song for the first encore and the chorus says:
and the river opens for the righteous,
and the river opens for the righteous,
and the river opens for the righteous,
So my brain kept pondering this - no idea what he meant,
but I thought about Moses leading his people out of Egypt
and Joshua crossing the Jordan -
in each event the river opened for the righteous.
For me this verse seems a vision of hope.
Life can be so hard, so sad, and seemingly unfair, and
yes someday
that river will finally open - if not on earth then in heaven.

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