Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Etsy Shop is stocked!

Terra Cotta Flowers is quite at home in my house
- shown here in the dining room.
I am using it for my business cards
and don't quite know how I can part with it.
...but it is now for sale at Etsy - can't believe I have finally made the plunge! How excited am I!
So how do you fellow artists part with the pieces that you love and feel like you have birthed?
I would love to hear from you 'cause it is not so easy for me.

...and this cute little painting makes my heart sing.
Cherries is my portrait of summer - or at least what
I hope it is like in a perfect world
- our cherry tree is happily munched on each year by the fat crows
that inhabit our little bit of paradise.
We never get any. We tried to tent it one year and that was more work and the cherries still were eaten and it looked like our poor tree was in prison.
So we have learned to happily watch as crows and squirrels enjoy the meal...

a bucket of cherries...

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