Sunday, February 28, 2010

a Sunday Blessing

Indecision is the worst enemy of creativity...
I don't know who said that,
 but it is so true.
So this week I am going to not second guess myself,
or freeze because what I am working on is not good enough,
or sit around and over think everything...
but instead I will just plunge in,
take the leap,
not let the little judge in my head win,
and just enjoy being creative...
This week I have an abundance of 'trades' to finish
and this auction piece to work on.
The kiddos made their houses last week
so now we need
people, animals and more to get this
city on a hill
to come alive.

You are the light of the world.
A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
In the same way,
let your light shine before men...
Mat 5:14

So where is your light shining this week?
I would really love to hear!


  1. What you said is definitely a good lesson for me!! I love the houses!!! Last week on my one post you asked if I used an umber glaze. Actually what I put over it was just a very watery black acrylic wash. I don't know if you remember--it was the Feb.19th post.

  2. The Sunday blessing of a day of rest can help clear our minds from indecision so that we can come back refreshed on Monday. Seeing your colorful workspace is enough to help me start feeling creative. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your artistic light combined with the light of scripture this Sunday!

    This week I'm preparing to enter a local Ohio art show and hope to be accepted. If yes, wonderful. If not, I'll try again somewhere else ... Life is an adventure, and the pictures will end up where they're meant to.

  3. Love what you did with the old door! You are right about indecision.

    I always enjoy your scripture choices.


  4. Everything on your art table looks beautiful! It's all more than good enough!

    This week and the weeks to come, I am shining my light in the direction of creating an online floral design class for beginners. Hoping to use my years of experience in new ways,to keep myself fresh and help bring beauty to others.