Tuesday, April 20, 2010

giraffes can dance!

spring art club is back in session - 
I missed those kiddos.
Our first project is based on this wonderful book.
Read it today if you need a smile...
We experimented with Portfolio Oil Pastels.
I was introduced to this product at Art Fest 
by a wonderful artist and teacher named Lynne Perrella.
She loves to work with these pastels
 and has achieved beautiful looks with them.
Check out her site and etsy shop too.
This is what I created in her class using pastels, paint and toner copies.
OK back to this lesson,
If you don't know this wonderful product please check it out -
you can buy them at Staples and they are very inexpensive 
and are easy to use and mess free.
Just draw and then go over the color with water for a beautiful look
or just blend like I did in this mixed media piece.

We worked on our giraffe and background the first week...

and waited a week for them to dry,
then we cut out our giraffes...
and glued them on to our background that had already dried.
Next we added a friend such as this zebra dancing on his head...
and these 2 elephants and hamster riding on the giraffe.
This guy dances solo...
and a monkey joins in here...
and a baby is with his mama...
and this one was created quickly as it did not have 
a background ready to go...
and this guy really loves to boogie!
Just love these guys.
Finger painting and paint mixing 
that I learned from Jesse Reno next week...


  1. What a great project, Pam. I can do something similar with my little ones. They turned out fabulous.

  2. Those look great. I hope those moms are framing some of these creations!