Saturday, April 24, 2010

santo, crows, mattisecolor and maru

I am hoping to spend time with her today...
and them -
definitely love my crows...
My paints arrived in the mail 
so I am excited to work with them.

But first I need to prep stuff for two art lessons Monday -
we are finger painting and building robots out of clay,
attaching nuts and bolts and wire.
Then I need to plant, pay bills, and clean and you get the idea.

I wanted to share this cool site with you
Vicki has put together a wonderful site that features her beautiful photos
as well as art by different artists.
I am going to be one of those featured artists this month so stay posted...
I am soo excited!
and finally I just can't pass up a cute cat 
obsessed with fitting his large body in a tiny box.
Maru lives in Japan with his owner who posts many movies of him 
throwing himself into any ol' box.
good for a chuckle around here and
my cat loves them too...
check Maru out here on YouTube
and his blog is here
-wish he could come live with me...

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  1. Saw you on Simply Hue! Lovely work and I'm hoping to find more on your blog so I can figure out your techniques! :)