Tuesday, April 13, 2010

old friend

As I was tossing this very old brush in the trash
I paused to check his beauty...
yes you heard me right...
he has been a trooper and I have abused him
and taken him for granted,
and what did he ask for in return?
Simply to be cleaned off and placed with his friends.
So I decided to put him out to pasture with 'said' friends 
and he won't be visiting the trash can.
Do you kindred spirits have an old art tool that you can't bear to part with?


  1. Oh yes, most definitely, and I'm embarassed for anyone to see it :)

  2. I have a tub of dead paint brushes that I can't bare to say good bye to... couldn't I use them for something?!?
    I love seeing your faith shine through in your work.

  3. I use the old brushes as tails on my Julie's world critters

  4. Cool Julie - I will have to study their tails closely.

  5. Oh Pam! Such a beautiful picture ... Love the colors mixed up with aging of an object! HAPPY WEEk! lUlU

  6. I keep ALLLL my sad brushes. I'm sure they'll end up being used someday!