Wednesday, May 26, 2010

danger Will Robinson...

I needed a clay project - 
and I wanted something the boys would like,
and I was the owner of lots of nuts and bolts...
so what to do...
How about some intergalactic robots?

We first made the bodies out of Crayola air dry clay.
I put a hole vertically and horizontally through each robot.
Discs and round balls were made and skewered on heavy gauge wire.
I pre made the standing mechanism out of wire
 and they wrapped ball feet onto each tripod leg.
Many screws were inserted into the wet clay for eyes etc..
We painted with acrylic the following week.
Then we made little moon backdrops with a moon dust floor (sand)
and intergalactic scenes.

Finally it was assembly day...

and some adorable little robots were born...

including ones of the feminine persuasion with long hair...

and this lucky robot even has a pet slug...

and this one has a heart.  I heart her.

just love serendipity...
The day before my husband and son returned from a walk 
with the front of a cell phone they found in the street.  
I got very excited and 
confiscated the item before it hit the trash.  
The numbers easily peeled off.
Sure enough the kids loved gluing cell phone numbers onto their robots
for that added touch.
Eat your heart out R2-D2!


  1. haha. "eat your heart out R2D2!" :) hee hee. I already told you how cute these are!! What an awesome project. :) It was fun to meet these kiddos the other day too. :) love you!

  2. Can i be in your class pam? These are so great, so engaging for the boys too. I want to make one with my guys. great idea.