Monday, May 31, 2010

textures, coffee and shopping on a grey day...

Thanks to Ishtar Olivera for finding these beautiful textures here
at Boccacino's photostream
and sharing them with us.
My boring rainy day photo taken Saturday at the Macrina...
but this added to it...
turned into this beauty.
Notice the mammoth Starbucks ad on the side 
of this small coffee house 
- rather amusing don't you think?
and this...
added  to the sign on the door perks up the photo...
Yesterday we had a day out in Seattle with friends drinking coffee
and perusing this store  - one of my favs!
check out their site as they ship anywhere - oh dangerous...
and here are some glimpses of their window displays...
and inside...
I will take one of everything please.

Finally I will share some of my own textures that I have been playing with.
Feel free to take them and use them for yourself - 
I would love to see what you create!


  1. This is so cool! I've wanted to start layering photos and this gives me some ideas. Thanks!

    xo Erin

  2. Bravo Pam! Looks like you're getting the hang of it! Soon you'll be teaching me how to do photoshop like you! :) xoxo!

  3. I wouldn't know what to do with photoshop if I had it, but everyone's art work with it is tempting me--let me tell you.
    I loved Seattle when we went--it was in January a few years ago with brilliant sunshine, if you can believe that.

  4. Hi Pam, these are wonderful!!!! Thank you for the textures and I will try and see what happens!! Oh, also, I forgot to tell you that I usually don't wipe my stencils off. Too lazy. I just let the paint pile up on the stencil and actually it seems to make the stencil sturdier! Have a great day!!!

  5. oooh i love all your textures! i really must learn how to do this.

    love your fur kids! VERY cute ;)

  6. very cool post. thanks for sharing :)

    xo Alison

  7. oh, i could get into serious trouble in that store!
    saw your comment in kelly rae's class, love your art!

  8. Hi Pamela, I am taking Kelly's course as well so I found you through that and I just popped over to your Etsy shop and wanted to tell you that your work is lovely:D 'see you', Mandy of Bijou's Whimsy:D

  9. I like your textures. Maybe I will use some.

    I'm another Flyer and live on Vashon Isl near seattle. thought I would just stop by and say hi.