Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cut, stamp, paint, repeat...

 no words needed...
 like riding a bicycle...
 haven't done this in years...
 wanted to use the idea from this page...
 and threw together fun foam
for more dimension...
all to be added to this auction piece
which is due in a week -
and if I write about here
I just might finish it...
come back in a couple of days to see the end product.
there, I said it.


  1. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful piece Pamela! I love making stamps! :)

  2. It's looking great, and is going to be gorgeous like everything that you create!

    I, also, love making stamps! You've inspired me! Now if I can find where I put my stamp making supplies.

  3. Oh Pam what a great piece! You'll get it done! I have faith in you.
    I have not done stamps like that for a long time. You make me want to tackle it!! Thanks Pam for stopping by!

  4. Oh wow this is going to look great. I really like your blog and am so glad I found it!

  5. Carving stamps is so much fun, I've got to do it again soon!
    Beautiful piece.

  6. Hi Pam, You inspire me to make some stamps someday. I love using them in art & would love to try that. I your action piece is lovely.