Friday, March 25, 2011

a Spring Bouquet

some spring beauties for your weekend -
made in art club last week...
fills the air with hope doesn't it?
first glue...
lots of thick glue lines are necessary...
 let dry...
 then fill each area between the glue lines with oil pastel color...
 add final dots of white tempera,
sparkle beads,
flowers and butterflies too.
 then move onto your other vase...
 and outline in a dark oil pastel...
 and add the same goodies as above...
then take home to your mom who squeals with delight.
so what makes you squeal with delight this fine spring day?


  1. This is so fun. Do you host an art club? My kids are dying to have one. I think they would love to make these. I will have to try it. What type of board do you ut the oil pastels on?
    thanks for sharing this - it looks fun! and very SPRING like

  2. Okay, you one cool art teacher!

  3. These just make me smile. :) So perfect for spring.

  4. I love it!! I taught 4 year olds for many years
    and one of my greatest delights was to stretch them creatively. The art is so beautiful!
    Your blog is wonderful. I have just created my own blog after many months of thinking about it.
    Joy would be the word to describe the process. Thank you for giving a beautiful spot to land.

  5. These kiddos are soooo LUcky to have a Great Fun Art teacher like you!!!!:O) They will remember you in the years to come bc I remember my 2 Fun Art teachers and still see one til this day!!:O)Have a great day and thanx for sharing:O)

  6. I agree with Isabel, they are so blessed to have you as a teacher! I just LOVE your paintings in your Etsy shop.