Tuesday, November 15, 2011

duck, duck, goose

You may know by now that I have a thing for Canada Geese...
wish they were tame and I could have a potty trained pet in the house
that would curl up and sleep with my cat and dog - 
maybe put his wings out for them to sleep under,
and they could run around chasing each other and 
the goose could fly through the room
yelling "duck, duck GOOSE" as they played tag.
Oh well I must be really losing it, 
but don't you enjoy daydreaming?
 I think the kiddos really enjoyed some daydreaming with these mixed media geese.
 First we drew with crayons for some wax-resist.
 Then we used cake tempera for the background...
 and we pulled out the texture templates 
 for the wings.
 I made templates of the geese which they painted and cut out.
 Stamps were used for background texture.
 Feathers and geese were glued to background...
 and feet and tails painted and background touches added.
Love these artists and their creations!
I can just hear the geese flying overhead in a V-
almost forgot - I got the idea for the project here.


  1. Beautiful job on all of them!! It looks like they had a great day of fun making these.


  2. Love the layers and textures in these pieces.

  3. What a great idea! Now I want to read that book!
    I was at Seward Park a couple of weeks ago, and walked among a flock of Canadian Geese. They let me get so close!

    Now I have a silk scarf with Canadian Geese on it.

  4. YOu are one fun teacher--I love these!!!

  5. HI Pam,
    These turned out great. Fun project.