Tuesday, November 1, 2011

house beautiful and picture show

as I have said before,
House Beautiful is my favorite home decor magazine...
I love the vignettes in this month's issue
and I am a tad smitten with
the Picture Show app
on my iphone.
and if you put the two together - poof- instant magic.
thanks to Jill for hooking me up with it.
just feel like I am in a dream with these photos
and I could so cook here
and wander out into the big dream-like world through these doors.
on a side note -
It's my birthday today and I am so looking forward to dinner with my boys.


  1. Happy Birthday.
    I love that app and what it did with the pictures....so pretty. I will check it out.
    Hope you have a fun dinner!

  2. Happy Birthday Wishes to you Pam!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful day.:)

  3. Happy Birthday Pamela! I hope you had a wonderful day!

    I need to get an iphone so I can play with all these fun apps I see on so many people's blogs. Great fun...love the photos and your art is lovely.