Tuesday, November 22, 2011

random behavior

came home to find the closet open with this note.
 that would be pretty random 
because our cat, Matteo,
really likes to sleep in his cozy chair.
He is there literally 95% of the time -
a cat who likes routine and a fine chair
which does not smell too much like dog.
the other habit we can count on with him
is that he will come and greet us whenever we come home.
Zoe taught him this -
and she taught him that this behavior is done without exception
every time the masters return.
most often he is sitting with Zoe at the garage door
with half open eyes and a yawn on his lips 
as he greets us and saunters back off to his chair.

but lately he has been an explorer...
 case in point - 
see this pine dresser above which holds our linens
in the kitchen.
well a couple of weeks ago he disappeared for 3 whole hours.
we called outside and swept the neighborhood 
as we were sure he had gotten out when the garbage was taken out.
needless to say we were wrecks 
as our neighborhood is frequented by coyotes and such.
but twice I heard scratching and all 3 of us 
(that would be our dog Zoe as the third detective)
went looking.  
I was sure he was in the wall...
could not tell where the noise was coming from.
 but eventually we narrowed it down to this bottom drawer.
I opened it and out he jumped.
he has never done anything like that before.
he jumped into the bottom drawer
 while my husband was fixing a knob on the third drawer down.
and Doug put the drawer back without seeing him...
and he stayed there three hours without letting us know.
now today he hid out in the closet 
and I just got home and he did not greet me.  
instead I found him sleeping under the table peering out at me...
do I sense a mutiny in the works?
 naw, it must be the wind and rain howling outside.
smart cat - maybe I should join him.


  1. too funny:O) my dog hides way underneath the chase , and I freak when i cannot find him and he want answer:O) Funny animals

  2. How cute is this!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  3. Our cat, Foxy, likes to find a new, unusual place to stow away about every two weeks. She moved to an empty basket on the kitchen table today; for the last two weeks she has been sleeping in a mixing bowl on the bottom shelf in the kitchen. One never knows where she will go next.

  4. I know what you mean...my cat, Simon, likes his routine but sometimes decides to do something that is quite out of his usual behavior...I think they want to keep us on our toes......and not take them for granted.....You have to love them....so precious...

  5. I love this. Our cats really keep us guessing, don't they? This is a sweet little posting...with sweet photos as well!