Saturday, July 7, 2012

on my desk today

in progress,
a stencil that looks like a firework,
 a card for a very special wedding,
 and the steps,
 trays made for someone,
 very funky candlesticks made from balusters
(will share the process from start to finish later),
and 45 of these waiting to come alive with paint.
must take a deep breath and dive right in...


  1. your work is so happy and optimistic and you make it seem so easy to do. (but I know it is skill, talent and lots of work)! Have a great week!

  2. pretty! wish I could paint with you!!

  3. Very beautiful artwork! My dear hubby has been making quite a few wooden candlesticks and bowls, mainly for gifts for the family. Trying to get ahead on the Christmas gifts! :)


  4. The card is beautiful - I LOVE it! Thanks Pam!!