Tuesday, July 3, 2012

foiled again

I still have art projects to share from last spring.
Here is a fun project that will bring a grin to any child's face.
 First make a design with very heavy bead of glue 
onto the back of a cereal box.  
Recoat if necessary so it is very thick
(as in the sample below on the left).
After it is dry,
glue stick a piece of aluminum foil 
onto the board and fold over the edges onto the back.
Now comes the fun -
First take the eraser end of a pencil
(see the first photo)
and rub over the entire piece.
Be sure to press hard against the glue lines.
Then repeat with the pencil tip to get really crisp edges.
Finally coat the whole piece with black shoe polish.  
Let dry and rub until it shines
and your dog emerges,
or your flowers bloom,
or your garden comes alive.
The above samples are from the after school artists
and the following pieces are from our 1-2 split.
We wanted a fun project for the students to learn about the continents in a creative way.
We followed the same process as above,
but added watered down acrylic paint as the final step.
I just love these as you can see waves,whales, fishing boats and more sea life.
I do believe I would have loved learning about the continents this way.
How about you?
What do you want to teach your kids this summer?
Have some fun and let me know what you try.

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