Saturday, June 30, 2012

the great adventure on Seattle's Great Wheel

i survived.
i did not throw up,
i did not pass out,
but i did take some deep breaths
and kept my eyes on the horizon.
and it was a thing of beauty and
i am glad i dared to take the adventure.
amidst all the ups and downs 
and the sheer beauty of the seattle waterfront,
i was more entranced with a small miracle beneath us.
a seagull family was trying to have some privacy 
during the birth of their young.
I think they were rather confused that this thing 
was finally moving with lots of spectators watching the event.
the following photo was taken by my husband 
who obviously does not fear heights.
see i really did dare to fly and i survived.
i highly recommend it with the caveat that you don't look down
if heights tend to make you weak in the knees.
did i mention we went out over the water,
and yes the glass walls go all the way to the floor,
and if you are lucky 
you can ride car #49
with a sea-through bottom?
step aboard...


  1. survived. What a brave Girl. Fabulous photos !

  2. Oh wow - you actually went on it!! I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it or not. I'm glad you had the experience...and that you survived it! AND that you shared photos so that perhaps I really don't have to have the experience in person after all! Have a goo week Pam!

  3. not a goo week...a GOOD week.

  4. Oh, Wow! We will be in Seattle to watch our nephew play football this year...I think we're going to have to ride that!!! Looks scary, but fun!