Friday, June 15, 2012

gone to the dogs

artEAST went to the dogs last night.
You should have been there.
Pandy Savage McVay organized on a wonderful Creature Comforts show
and even recruited the figure drawing group 
to transfer their talents to drawing the canine variety.
What fun to watch the artists work as the dogs tried hard
to hold their poses.
Pandy's dog Tessa seemed to like it.
And then we met Buddy, Beaver Lake Middle School's mascot.
What a face!
And Lucy was very motivated to sit still as her owner had a treat in his hand - 
it worked well.
Our last model, Horton, was so relaxed he just took a cat nap -
maybe that should be a 'dog' nap?
 Fun was had by all.
It was a wonderful evening
and I hope we do it again.
Come check out the drawings - 
all proceeds from sales of the sketches go to pay for upcoming models
(that would be the human variety).
The Creature Comforts show continues through July 14.

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  1. A friend recommended this post -wow! Fabulous idea and drawings.