Saturday, June 2, 2012

so sorry

I do so feel that I am neglecting my little blog.
I have so much to share,
but somehow the spunk has just
up and left.
I still have two weeks of school
so after that I should be able to give it some tlc right?
I told you a while back that I was traveling.
We went and visited these two
 and we ate in New York...
and I took my grand puppy for a walk in the New Jersey countryside.
 and my boys got to reconnect
 and time was spent with Einstein
 and we were so proud
 and we partied
 and saw the Brooklyn Bridge
 and visited my favorite art museum
and had fun.
I promise to share the wonderful art I saw
as well as the celebration.
It's not everyday we get to celebrate 
our son completing his M.Div. at Princeton.
so very happy!


  1. great pictures!! :)

  2. How proud you must be! That's wonderful!

  3. Happy days :)
    Looks like a brilliant trip full of all sorts of fun